Question PCI Express not working on Asus mobo.


Nov 26, 2016
So, my cat was walking around my computer and let a flower pot (full of dirt and water) fall on my PC, I was quick to go and clean the whole PC but the big bummer was that my case has an open grill. Anyways, I did my best to clean the PC and motherboard and thank goodness my PC wasn't even connected to the wall.
After the whole cleaning process and replacing the thermal paste and thermal pads I connected all of the power cables and decided to start the computer, I was quick to notice that there wasn't any image showing up while the GPU's lights were on, I then changed the HDMI cable to the onboard graphics and was able to use the computer normally. I have a small PCI WiFi card and I saw that it actually worked so everything led me to believe that the graphics card got ruined because of the dirt or water (which doesn't make much sense in my mind because the computer wasn't even on) but I tested the GPU on my brothers PC and it worked normally.
So, the 3 PCI Express lanes are not fully working, they are able to handle a small PCI device but not a 16x one.
The big question is:
What is causing the PCI Express ports to not to work properly and is there a solution to that?

Motherboard: Asus pbz77m pro
CPU: i5 2500k
Graphics card: GTX 960 2gb
Ram: 8GB
PSU: 600w (decent 80+)