Question PCI-Express PCI-E 3.0 X4 to M.2 NGFF M Key Slot Converter


Jun 5, 2016
How can I use this card with an Asus Hero V111 mobo

I have tried pluging the card into the 3rd PCEI slot but cannot see it in the bios or when I load linux, I have also tried it in one of the smaller slots still not showing, has anyone used one of these cards and got it working? thanks

I'm guessing you have the MAXIMUS VIII HERO as there is no Asus Hero V111 mobo. The motherboard already has M.2 x4 Socket 3, with M Key, type 2242/2260/2280/22110 storage device support (both SATA & PCIE mode). I don't see what you need an adapter for.

NVMe SSDs do not appear within the BIOS until Windows creates the system partition with the EFI Boot Sector.

What drive do you have installed for it? Are you planning on using it as boot drive?

Compatibility List
  • Intel PCIe NVMe SSD
  • Intel 760 NVME M.2
  • Intel 600p
  • Samsung XP941
  • Samsung SM961 (AHCI or NVMe)
  • Samsung 960 Pro / 960 Evo
  • Samsung SM951 (AHCI or NVMe)
  • Samsung 960 EVO
  • Samsung 961 EVO
  • Samsung 970 EVO
  • Samsung 979 EVO
  • Samsung EVO 870
  • Samsung Evo
  • Samsung 850 Pro
  • Samsung 950 Pro
  • Samsung 960 Pro
  • Samsung 970 pro
  • Samsung SSD Pro
  • Samsung SM961
  • Samsung PM951
  • MyDigitalSSD BPX
  • Liteon T10
  • Kingston HyperX Predator M.2
  • Plextor M6e


Jun 5, 2016
Hi Thanks for the reply yes the Asus Hero VIII mobo - I have an EVO 970 as my main drive in the M.2 slot I run Linux, not windows - I bought a PCEI expansion card as per my original post to add an additional card however the card is not showing in the bios or after I boot into Linux

The additional M.2 drive is a liteon which I was using originally before I got the EVO drive so I know the drive works - I have set the 3rd slot to X4 but after reboot, I don't see the drive listed... is there a setting in the bios I have missed? should I try reinstalling Linux see if the drive gets detected during the install?