PCI-Express slot fried? Motherboard.


Jun 10, 2008
Okay... this could be confusing, so please ask me for clarification. Recently my computer has been experiencing major problems, crashes, to weird display of colors(graphics card i suspect) and more. I am wondering if the graphics card slot(pci-express) is fried or just the 2 graphics card i have. The graphic cards are pretty old, radeon x700 and radeon x800. so let me list my problems and what i did to check for the problems.
PC1 : suspected motherboard problem
PC2 : nothing wrong with it, it's my independent variable here.

1) took out radeonx800 from PC 1 and placed it in PC 2. the radeonx800 video card's fan moves on PC 2 but not PC 1. although it ran fine, the graphics were crazy(even after installing drivers), so i suspect radeonx800 is fried, but i still wasn't sure about if the video card slot was also fried.

2) ran radeonx700 on PC 1, but it didnt move.(suspected motherboard fried)

3) ran radeonx700 on PC 2(originally from PC 2) and the fan didnt move. this sparked another confusion, turns out PC 2's fan, radeonx700's fan doesnt move either. the reason is because fan's lubrication was bad after overheating. *sigh*

conclusion, radeonx700 and x800 are now not usable, but I'M STILL LEFT with the question, is my mother board fried or not?(ASUS motherboard)

btw. ordering a new giga-byte ga-p35-ds3l motherboard w/ Q6700 quad core + rocketfish 700 watt power supply to compensate with the new 8800GT OC nvidia card i just got, so please reply, I CAN STILL CANCEL THE NEW MOTHERBOARD COMING IN!


Mar 23, 2008
It's a guess, but likely all components have problems.

What's the old motherboard? It may not be worth enough to keep even if it's good (which doesn't look like the case), especially with a q6700 coming.

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