Question PCi slot max (budget build)

Aug 3, 2019
Hi guys, first time poster. I searched in the forums a bit for my question but am still a bit muddled so hope creating a new thread and asking here for my specific pc is okay. Im new to owning a pc (usually had laptops) but though research have gained some knowledge and learned a bit about the terms and what they mean etc.

Anyway, being clueless I recently got an old budget i5 3470 SSF pc cheap from ebay (Thinkcentre m92p). I am noticing now that my options to upgrade are severely limited in terms of gpu (and psu). Regardless, id like to. I am not a hardcore fps gamer and am just looking to play certain games- (gta 4,5, just cause series, street fighter 4/5 etc, re2, Nintendo dolphin emulator) which I would be happy to do at 1080p or even 720p with low-high settings.

After researching I have found many people add certain types of low profile cards to these types of pcs and have found a list of ones that I may be able to buy. They are, the GT1030 2gb (30 watts-£60 new), The GTX 750 1gb (55w-£30 used), The GTX750ti 2gb (60w-£45 used). Upon looking into this more I have read that these cards draw power directly from the PCi port.

I looked up my system specs and it says the Pcix16 has a max 45w (I have attached a picture). My question is, what does this exactly mean? I think the gt1030 which will take 30w max will work anyway, but does the 45w max mean that it physically cant supply more than 45w to the pci and therefore wont power the other gpus, or is it just a guide that suggests you dont use more than 45w? (I think typically the pci is supposed to take 75w)?

Forgot to say my psu is also 240w. Should I play it safe and just go for a gt1030 or would one of those other cards work too? A secondary question would be considering the used/new prices and the games I want to play, which card would be optimal? I know another choice would be to remove the mobo and everything to an ATX case and update the psu which I may do down the road and add a GTX1050ti or something, but again if I am only able to use 45w for a gpu that would be pointless. Please see attached pictures if possible.

Many thanks to anyone that replies!
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