Question PCI slots all stopped working at the same time, but PCIe still working.

Dec 8, 2021
Hi all,

This is my first post so I hope everything here is formatted and tagged correctly.

I have an Industrial PC with an ASRock IMB-781 Rev G/A 1.03 mother board. It has been in a rack for the past year, and yesterday I took it out to see about potentially changing a PCI card (this PC has 3 PCIe slots and 4 PCI slots). I removed the card for a short period of time, then reinstalled it and put the PC back in the rack. When I turned it on, I noticed that the card didn't show up in my Device Manager. I thought that I had damaged the card but put it into a different PC and it worked. After some troubleshooting, I determined that every PCI slot in the computer isn't working properly. Here is a summary of the PCI behavior:
  • Cards plugged into the PCI slots (all 4 of them) do not show up in Device Manager
  • There still seems to be some power/functionality in the slots because I have a PCI card with an LED that still lights up when
  • There are no PCI slots mentioned in the BIOS (although I don't know if they were there before - I do see 3 PCIe slots that I am able to configure the speed)
Also, all of the PCIe slots still seem to be working fine.

Is there some PCI manager that maybe got messed up? I am at a total loss and after about an hour of research I haven't found anyone who is had this same problem. Any help is greatly appreciated