PCIe 2.0 cards in PCIe 1.0 slots


Jun 3, 2011
I'm trying to upgrade my PC graphics as a temporary fix whilst I'm saving money for a complete new build. I'm currently only running a 320mb xfx 8800gts via an Asus Striker Extreme and I'd like to have a bit more so I can run the latest games. Do I go SLI and find another 8800gts or get a higher spec PCIe 2.0 card and abuse the fact that they are backward compatible?

Asus Striker Extreme
4Gb Kingston HYperX T1
320Mb XFX 8800gts


that depends on what money you have to spend, and if your PSU will support two 8800gts'.

TBH, id say get a more powerful GPU that you can uyse in your rebuild. your current CPU won't bottleneck i high end GPU, and it saves you from having to buy another one when you build a new system.
Hello... I'm using a GTX460 1GB to replace my 8800GTS 512... very happy... you will get 3-4x's the performance to your model... card is smaller and runs 10-15C cooler with that GPU... But look for a rear exhaust model like the STD 8800 design... newer cards are just re-cycling the hot air into your case... I did not need to upgrade a Power Supply either... you also get audio over HDMI with a GTX 460 and higher models.

Newer Model is the 560... I picked up 2 460's on the BAY... $90 and $120... Sold my 8800gts for $50.