Pcie 2.0 Video Card in a 1.1 Mobo?


Jul 10, 2007
currently using p5k Deluxe wi/fi as my mobo
im a semi gamer but more importantly, i need 3-4 monitors :)
i wanna grab the 4850 x2 quad-dvi vid card that 2.0
is it a negative to have a 2.0 vidcard in a 1.1mobo such as my own?
is it really a big deal?
ive heard arguments where theres quite a bit of potential with 2.0,
and a buncha stuff saying 2.0 is over rated right now and what not,
i havent really seen a conclusion to whatever theyre talking about.
basically i just dont wanna upgrade my mobo to a more SLI comfortable one, i really like this mobo!
let me know!