Question PCIE 4.0 m.2 share bandwidth with pcie4.0 slot?

Jul 27, 2020

I'm looking at building a new PC for the first time in awhile and getting m.2 drives for the first time. I'm looking at getting pcie 4.0 drive for my main boot drive and some normal sata SSD's as my secondary storage. Given next gen graphics cards will be pcie4.0 my worry is if I get a board like the above do both these slots share the bandwidth of the pcie4.0 so if I get a pcie4.0 m.2 do I essentially lose the use of the pcie4.0 slot or risk performance degradation? Do i need to find a motherboard with 2 pcie4.0 slots to be safe in this scenario or are both the slots in the board above independent of each other?