Question PCIe Gen4 ssd in PCIe Gen3x4 slot??

Dec 30, 2022
Hello Experts,
I am awaiting the delivery of Lenovo M75 gen 2 Tiny pc with Ryzen pro 5750ge which I will be using as proxmox based home server. It has only one PCIe Gen3×4 slot. As I will be recieving it as a bare minimum config, I plan to upgrade it to 1 TB nvme ssd and 32 GB 2400Mhz RAM. I already have the RAM modules but I will be purchasing the ssd. Originally I planned to go for Samsung 980 1tb Gen 3 , however I have a chance to get Kingston KC3000 Gen 4 1tb for nearly same price.
So my question is what kind of compatibility and performance can we expect from KC3000 if I use it in a PCIe3x4 slot?Would it even work?If yes, Would we loose more than 50% in terms of performance? Would it cause too much heat?

Just to clarify, I know Samsung 980 is a good ssd (except for lack of DRAM cache), would there be any additional benefit/issue if I go for KC3000?
It will work as mentioned above being backward compatible, just at a much lower max speed. In regular use though, you likely wouldn't notice the difference. I'm using 2 Kingston Gen4 drives myself in my Ryzen build, KC3000 and Fury Renegade, and both have been working just fine. They are using a very common controller, Phison E18 used in several drives from several manufacturers. Samsung has an advantage where they make all the components for the entire SSD, which gives them QC over both the hardware and software. I've had several Samsung SSDs over the years as well without issue.