Question pcie lanes and gpu issues

Aug 5, 2020
So i lately have begun taking business prebuilts and cramming them into different cases...for $cience....joking, i havent made a cent yet

I had a spare i5 7500 laying around, so i went and got a dell optiplex 5050 sff board heres the proposed setup

Optiplex 5050 sff mobo (q270 chipset) - pci expension (1 x PCIe x16 & 1 x PCIe x4)
Gtx 1060 dual 6gb (6 pin power)
i5 7500
32gb ram (just because)
tplink wireless card (pcie x1)
supermicro 560low/600high server psu (because its in a mac g5 case, slimline and cheap)
512gb nvme m.2(pcie)

the first problem on boot was that the wireless card wasnt detected, by bios or os. Could this be because of the m2 being pcie x4 and using those lanes? i found a sata ssd to boot from and can confirm that its not the nvme ssd taking the lanes. wireless card still not recognized. maybe issue is the expansion ports

2nd problem is that when i then movedon to the gtx 1060, plugging in the 6 pin power trips something and shuts everything down. if i have the card in, no pcie power, the red light is on, but once power is plugged in, it shorts out. i had this same setup of hardware the day before, just with a 7040 mt mobo and i5 6500 being the only difference. What could be the issue here?
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