Question PCIe Power Cable

Jan 10, 2020
I am trying to reduce the amount of wires running through my box and would like to purchase a single 8 to 8 pin PCIe power cable instead of the stock one from Corsair 550 PSU which is a 8pin to DUAL 6+2 pin. The DUAL dangling part is the irritating factor. I have this thick second PCIe cable i dont need. Does anyone know where to find one or if its ok to go rogue on cables? Thanks
I wouldn't use cables not meant for your PSU unless you are confident you can confirm the pinouts because there are cables with different pinouts and if you use one of these you can fry things.
One thing you could do is cut the dangling piece and put shrink tube over each wire at the cut...but I wouldn't do this if aren't comfortable.
What model power supply? Maybe you can find the cable. I've found cables before for specific supplies.


Is this a modular power supply? I'd recommend to just not worry about it. Both your other options come with risk.

Adapters can work but if you get the wrong one or if it has a defect you are putting your whole system in danger. Cheap adapters are usually made with inferior materials and have a much higher than normal failure rate. With that being said, I used a 6 to 8 pin GPU adapter for years without any issues and am currently extending my 8-pin motherboard AUX power connector. I like to think that I know what to look for and what to use, though. YMMV.
Clipping the wires can technically work but is never recommended. So much can go wrong. Just don't do it.
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