Question PCIe risers with 3 1060s, only recognizing 1 1060 for mining

Feb 11, 2019
Hello Community.

I recently got into crypto mining and all has been well. Recently I acquired 3 asus gtx 1060s 6 gb, and installed on my mother board with risers built onto a wooden frame.I confirmed all 1060s are functioning.
I have an MSI Z170a xpower gaming titanium edition with the 4 gpu slots ( yes I know overkill for mining)
I have these risers
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And I have a GTX 1080 gigabyte 8gb on the main 16 slot, and risers hooked into rest of the 16x slots and a gt 610 in a riser.

I have geforce experience up to date
I am running windows 10
I have a 1000 watt power unit
All GTX1060 s fans are connected and the white light is indicating power is connected
I am mining on nice hash
And run the msi afterburner. (both activated and not activated issue arises)

My computer is only recognizing one of the 1060s, the 1080 and the gt610 but not the other 2 1060s

The afterburner only sees one 1060 , which all are on risers
The GT610 which is on a riser
And the gtx1080 which is on the main gpu slot on the board.
One of the pcie lanes has a wifi adapter installed

What could possibly be going on, or what do I need to check?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.