Question PCIe x16 75w

Josh Williams

May 31, 2013
I have a motherboard with two PCIe x16 2.0 graphics slots. Can each of those handle 75 watts? I have two 68 w GPUs, neither has a 6/8 pin power input. If I plug them both in and run them on the same bus, are they going to get 75 w each, or split 75 watts between them? Thanks! Bonus problem: ever heard of someone getting a FirePro W7000 to work in a Precision T3500? If yes, how?
Considering you dropped a Dell PC name, consult with the manual. There's a post on their community forum ( regarding the maximum power PCIe slots can deliver on their Optiplexes. Of note, the second PCIe x16 slot (which is wired as x4) is capped at 25W.

Also, since technically you can still fit an x16 card in any PCIe slot, I can't imagine that motherboard manufacturers would allow the full 75W in every slot, as this would be close to 400W on a ATX motherboard if allowed to run full bore. I'm 100% certain a 24-pin ATX plug cannot provide that on the 12V lines.
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x16 slots have 75watts cap
x4/x8 slots have 25 watts cap
x1 slots have 10 watts

x4/x8 slots are usualy wired as x16slots
which means slots looks like x16, but run slower, you can find info about you slot lanes in mainboard manuals

if mainboard has multiple x16 slots (wired as x16), then it would also have enough power management there aswell ( eps/pcie/molex power plugs)
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