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Question Peers get kicked from game server & I experience dropped packets


Jul 2, 2014
Only on minecraft does this happen. I have a dedicated second pc for plex, minecraft, and vm's. When friends and I try to play on the minecraft server together the VERY second even one of them connects the discord goes from fine to voices lagging and shortly after the players will be disconnected for 'closed by remote host' error. I am able to play on the server myself fine with no issues in discord or Minecraft. It is weird because it only happens recently. Things have been working flawlessly for months.

Additionally, there are no similar problems in other games I have tried Wreckfest and CS:GO on my PC not the server.
Personally, I have ruled out that something is wrong with the 'server' pc because when people join the minecraft server hosted on that, my discord on my gaming PC lags real bad. Also I tried hosting the server on my gaming PC only to have the same problem...
Port 25565 is forwarded. TCP/UDP
Internet speed 75 Down / 20 Up (Im the only one using it.)
Bought a new router, restarted the modem. Neither fixed the problem.
Players report some lag when they play without me, But do not get kicked.

Thank you for the help!