Question Pegatron 2A73h GTX1650 Issues


Aug 21, 2011
I recently purchased a pc off of craigslist that has a Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 @2.5 GHZ with a Pegatron Corporation 2A73h Motherboard. It came with 6 GB of Ram and was upgradable to 8GB so I did that recently no problem. The GPU that came with it was a Firepro 4900 and I wanted to upgrade it so I checked to make sure the Zotac GTX1650 would be compatible and it seemed to be.

I installed the new 1650 and downloaded the driver off of their website and after installing and then restarting, it stopped recognizing my monitor.

The only way I could get it to reboot was in safe mode(which would then recognize the 1650 under device manager) and to then go in and roll back driver and restart to get it to come back on.

So then I did some research and thought maybe I needed to update the BIOS so I went looking to see if the Pegatron was able to be updated and I couldnt really find one.

So if my bios cannot be updated, does that mean the only problem left that it could be is the power supply that is preventing my PC from recognizing the GTX1650?
I made sure the 300w power supply that was in my pc was enough for the 1650 which said it needed 300w max so im really confused on how to get this thing working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!