Pentium 2 modding!


i have been given a dell dimension xps d333. it has a pentium 2 333mhz cpu,364mb ram, and no hd. what mods are possible (but not really complicated or requiring special tools) because the only actual mod iv done included drilling a bincuh of holes in a min i itx case for psu ventilation...??? also, i upgraded the agp graphics card but since its not right here right now im not sure what i upgraded to!!!
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Thats for a different Cpu but its close enough it may work. Ill gve it a try and let you know. Any other ideas, especially to make the computer quieter. It currently has the psu fan (which is quiet enough) and a case fan that is near the cpu and pulls a little hot air off the cpu , but i think i can glue another heatsink to it to make the heatsink bigger. Would that even work?


Is hot glue that comes out of a little gun good enough? Or is super glu better? Would it even help? Im thinking out attaching to the "top" edge of the slot cpu mounted heatsink ( when pc is lying on the side and i am looking into it) would that work???

I saw an AGP card today that had me doing a double-take!

Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 AGP: $96

It had me doing a double take because I wondered what rock they found those under and how many they expect to sell at $96!
I do have to admit though... it's a FAR better deal than the HIS Radeon HD 4670 1GB IceQ Edition AGP 8x (can you say OVERKILL) for $123!!! :sol:
Now, just how BADLY do you think that the PII would bottleneck it? :pt1cable:

Holy Cow! I'm sorry to say this but your friend easily fits my definition of a moron. :sol:

Let's count the ways he screwed himself on that:

1.) He went to BestBuy to get something for his computer. (THAT'S NOT GOOD SON!!!) :non:
2.) He spent $130 on an ATi HD 3xxx part. (WHOA NELLY!!!) :ouch:
3.) He spent $130 on a video card that has 1/4 the bandwidth of PCI-Express v2.0 (SWEET JESUS!!!) :eek:
4.) For $130 he could have had an AM3 CPU, Mobo and 2GB of DDR3 instead of being stuck with whatever crap he's got. :pfff:

:( :lol: :cry: :pt1cable: THIS IS ONE OF THE FEW TIMES THAT TRAGEDY MEETS COMEDY!!! :pt1cable: :cry: :lol: :(

I worked in Auto Parts for 6 years (I'm still actually ASE-Certified! LOL) and I can tell you that if you want an adhesive that will withstand the "extreme" temperatures inside a computer (Extreme my white a$$! LOL) then just use some of this stuff. As long as the heatsinks are metal, you'll love this:

Permatex Cold-Weld - Good to 150C / 300F - I think you'll agree that no computer part can survive that temperature. :pt1cable:

You can find this at NAPA. It's incredible stuff, part toxic-waste, part Velcro! It literally welds 2 metal parts together using chemicals instead of heat. I think that would do ya. :sol:

lol, no, it's not that bad. If it were, it wouldn't be available to the public. You just squirt a little on a piece of cardboard from each tube and mix it together. Then put it on the two surfaces you want to stick together and that's it. If you know how to use glue without getting it all over yourself, you should be fine! :sol: