Question Pentium 3 500 vs Celeron 1100A

Jun 15, 2019
Hi, I'm building a retro system and this guy is giving away some old Socket 370 CPUs. He says the Celeron 1100A is better and I just need to know if it is, and how much better it is. Will I be able to run mid end games of the time on this CPU?
Jun 15, 2019
0 III 500 - 80525PY500512 (BX80525U500512 - BX80525U500512E).html
Also ancient, single core, and an even slower 0.5ghz!

For older games, look to either hyperthreaded dual core(2 core/4 threads) or quad core cpus of at least 2.5ghz or higher.
I'm trying to build a computer representative of the time. I'm pretty sure the first Intel dual core didn't release until Pentium D etc. Basically I want an authentic Windows 98 PC.


Balder's Gate! Or any of those early AD&D games.
But if you really want to go retro, it's gotta be with a 3dfx Voodoo 2 16Mb AGP (good luck finding Those drivers) with a Soundblaster16 pro.

Just be wary of the PIII cpus, bring on the good coolers for those.
For a Windows 98 computer a 500 MHz Pentium III will be a fine CPU. The Celeron lives firmly in the Windows XP era.

With something like a Voodoo 3 you'll have a fun time playing older games like Quake II and III, Unreal, Unreal Tournament, The Sims, Sim City 2000, Warcraft II, Duke Nukem 3D, and a heck of a lot of other games.

I remember playing all kinds of very fun games on my K6-2 500. Man, I love playing those old games and I really miss having the original hardware I played them on. I had an S3 Savage4 video card at the time, and the S3 textures on Unreal Tournament were outstanding. There were a few other games that supported the S3. However, there were lots of games supported the Voodoo 3DFX Glide.

A Sound Blaster 16 is a pretty good card for the time. It is what I used and it sounded pretty good. Great DOS support too. It was just about the standard for the time.


Lol. I was building/modding pc's before you were born. I love this thread!

Genuine Intel PentiumII 350MHz OC 400MHz
2x 512Mb ram
Asus P2B 440bx
3dfx Voodoo 2 2000 16Mb agp
Soundblaster 16 pro

Slow as a 3 legged Bull Terrier in a greyhound race. But she still works over 21 years later. All original owner.
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That Celeron is more than twice as fast as the PIII-500. Because the PIII is S370 we know it has 256k of full-speed L2 cache, not that off-die half-speed stuff on 250nm. Well the Tualatin Celeron is made on a smaller process (130nm instead of 180nm) so also has 256k on-die cache and runs more than twice as fast too.

The Celeron should really be just set at 133FSB for 1467MHz as not even a very minor voltage bump would likely be required for that. Then it would be nearly 3x as fast.

For many years I ran Celeron 1200A chips at 1600MHz on slotkets in 440BX. I replaced them all 10 years ago with 512k cache PIII-S 1400 when the price of those New-Old-Stock server chips dropped to $6. Fortunately all of my Voodoo 5 5500 AGP cards could tolerate 100MHz AGP so these have run at 1575MHz @ 150FSB ever since. I have to admit there was little difference in performance despite the doubled cache as I had to drop the SDRAM from Cas2 @ 133 to Cas3 @ 150, and of course lost 25MHz.


Jun 26, 2011
Don't forgot that many old games run better on slower CPUs. As an example, Simcity 2000 on the fastest speed is so fast on modern hardware that it's impossible to change anything in the menu because of popups in game. An entire millenia can pass in a minute or less. You have to press the key combo for game speed to slow it down.
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