Pentium 4 550 lower multiplier in bios = higher temperature?


Jun 2, 2008
I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, I looked around for a while and could not really find anything pertaining to my problem.

Some background: I built my computer around 3 to 4 years ago, I don't really remember exactly when, here are my specs.

Motherboard: ASUS P5AD2 Deluxe(LGA775 Socket) (925x Chipset)

CPU: Pentium 4 550 (3.4 ghz 800fsb) Upgraded heatsink silent 775:

RAM: Gskill DDR2 800 PC 6400 (I know I will have to get faster ram if i can get this CPU problem sorted out)

Video: x800xl Radeon Powercolor

OS: xp pro SP2

Situation: I found this article on how to flash the BIOS to get a lower multiplier for the cpu to give more headroom for higher FSB speeds.,880-5.html
quick review if you don't want to read ^
both my motherboard and processor are compatible for this

So I flashed to version 1007.008 (different from the one in the article, but it still supports the lock feature)

The flash went smoothly but right away,after rebooting, I noticed that my CPU was running at 68 Degrees celcius at 14x200 2.8ghz(idle). Normally, with the 17x 200 multiplier, @ 3.4ghz it will idle at or less than around 50 degrees celcius, I'm not sure exactly but it is way lower.

Problem: So I'm wondering why my cpu temperature went up so high when I decreased the multiplier, even when not overclocked at all.. and running at speeds substantially slower than normal. And is there a way to fix this, I know reverting back to the original bios version will fix the problem.. but is there a way to make the system run cooler at 14x multiplier? From what I've read on other websites when you decrease the multiplier the cpu temperature should go down if anything, right?


Aug 16, 2007
Download latest bios and flash. Check if heatsink is loose or dusty, clean or reseat heatsink with fresh thermal paste.
If the bios you used is newer, it might have fixed a temperature reading problem. The same happened with my msi board, the temps went higher afterwards. Or another possibility is that the new bios gives a higher voltage to the cpu. Put the voltage at it's lowest. Should be 1.3v or something for a 90nm p4


Jun 8, 2007
Could be a number of things. Try Blackwidow's suggestion first, see if that works.

Other things could be that the ambient considerably from the last time you checked it at 3.4GHz.