Pentium 4 HT 630


Jul 4, 2009
I have a Foxconn 915P7AC-8EKRS motherboard, apparently with easy overclocking steps in bios, and a Pentium 4 HT 630 @ default 3.00 ghz.
Yes I have played around without any advice :ouch: but I didnt want to kill my cpu so I only did a little. It is now stable @ 3.16 ghz and just wondering, if i were to go further (eg 3.6 or maybe even 4), do I need to increase voltage? And even a new cpu cooler? I would prefer it not to have any money spent on it because this is just a fun old rig.

So overall, just asking do I need to increase the voltage when overclocking?


Aug 27, 2006

It depends, with some luck maybe you'd be able to get to 3.4 without increasing the voltage. You could try increasing the FSB until it no longer boots, when it doesn't boot that's the probable point you'd need to increase voltage. Step the FSB down from there until it becomes stable.

I have played around with my Intel 640 (3.2GHz) with an Asus P5RD1-VM (which has no setting for cpu voltage). I was able to make it go up to 3.6GHz and it is stable there (done P95+OCCT and running for more than a year).


One of the problems with the P4 was that it ran HOT. Very HOT. You need to watch your temps when OCing to make sure it doesn't start to throttle itself. If you don't want to buy a new cooler and just want to do some bench runs, take the side off your case and point a house fan at the CPU.

Things that can stop an OC include to much heat, to much/little voltage, incorrect ram settings or other bios settings. I suggest finding a guide about overclocking a P4 had following that.

You need a good cooler if you want to overclock those CPUs since they give off alot of heat. If you want 4Ghz you will probably need water cooling. If it gets too hot, it will throttle itself which will give you lower performance. Good luck

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