Pentium 4 scratch on pins?(Pics Included)


Aug 9, 2010
Hi i have Pentium 4 which i want to install in my pc but it has a scratch on the underside is this a reason to be concerned? I obviously wouldn't have bought the cpu if i knew it had a scratch but the seller(Ebay) didn't provide pictures and i figured i could trust him because he had a very high rating and claimed that it had been tested and was working properly but id like a second opinion before i place it in my PC. I would have return it but its been a year sense i bought it and i wasn't able to install it on day one becuase of a stripped screw on my cpu heat sink so i just gave up and forgot about the CPU but know I'm back for round 2 a year later :D and i believe i can get the screw out but first i need to know if its safe to use.



Feb 6, 2008
My biggest concern would be if any traces on the board had been cut. It looks like the chip may work so long as that isn't the case. I would be a little cautious though, the pad to the right and just above the scratch looks like the one that may cause problems. I would pretty much have to inspect the chip in person to really tell you if it was going to be ok.