Pentium d 820 vs celeron 450


Jan 24, 2010
ive got both of these cpus now here it is i originaley had just a dell xps 410 i got for free and that had the PD 820 and a 7300 le that was fine for a while until my brother stated to play W.O.W. so i had like 350 to spend so i bought 2 cheap cases a g31m-es2l ,2gb ram a 7650gs and a 500w psu and for my brother i got a mobo cpu bundle with the ceneron 450 in it 1.5gb i had around and the 7300le so he could play and i was thinking that i could just overclock the PD with the better motherboard but it has a fsb wall of 215 mhz so i tryed the 450 in the gigabyte board and i can get that to 3.3ghz but that = the same proformance as the PD also when i bought the stuff i got 2 65w coolers and the PD is a 95w cpu so it was throttling the the 7300le fried so now hes all was on my computer and its pissing me off so ive got 75 bucks to spend so i was thinkin to buy a 9400gt and a 95w cpu cooler put the PD 820 back in mine the put 450 back in his with the 7650gs so what do you think