Question Pentium G4560 Normal Temps

Mar 31, 2019
Hi Everyone, I purchased a new air cooler for my pc and noticed that the temperatures are kinda high in my opinion. I am currently using a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Led for my Pentium G4560.
I am not really knowledgeable in pc building and I had the cooler assembled at the shop I bought it at. I clean my pc every month and repaste once a year.
Ambient temperature is about 31c ( I live in the Philippines and it's very hot here) . I'm kinda worried about the temps I even invested for this cooler and still getting these temps.

My Setup:
Pentium G4650
CM Hyper 212 Led
Thermaltake Versa H23
1 Outtake Fan
2Front Intake Fans

On load myCPU reaches about 50-60c on load while playing PUBG, Watch Dogs 2 (CPU never reaches above 60c) heavy gaming
Idle Temps 40-43C
While browsing, watching livestreams on twitch: 41-46C

It's summer here in my country and my pc case kinda sucks especially on its airflow.
Thanks everyone.