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Pentium II 233 to 350 mhz



I have got a used pentium II 350/100 Mhz processor.
I wil upgrade my computer with this processor.
The specs of this processor are:B80523 P350 512Esl2sf 2.0v
98411068-0461 malay
Motherboard AL440LX 66 Mhz
Can I upgrade my computer with this processor and what must be the settings (multiplier and Core voltage etc.) in the bios for a motherboard with system bus speed of 66Mhz type AL440XL.
The old processor is a Pentium II 233/66 Mhz with S-spec number SL28K

Regards Geteg


Im afraid you wont be able (I think) for some reasons:

1. The multipliers are locked on Pentiums.
2. IF the new processor works.. it would run at 233Mhz,
unless you can crank up the FSB of the mobo to
100Mhz.. which I seriously doubt.
3. The core voltage that your mobo can support, perhaps
wont be enough to feed a 350/100 PIII.

Consider a motherboard change...

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I'm afaraid your out of luck. The 440LX is 66 Mhz only! It normally dosen't overclock well either. There is little point in searching out a new(er) BX either since the increase in preformance is minimal. It sounds like you could use a Duron.

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