Aug 12, 2002
I want to upgrade an old PIII mb. currently it has a 933,
it'll take up to 1.2.
I was thinking of a 1.2 w/ 512 cache.

Why do I keep seeing 1.13 at a higher price than the 1.2. I can only assume everyone knows something I don't.

I'll probabaly use this as a media computer and I heard that you need 1.0 or better, does this sound right?


Former Staff
You might be comparing different versions (512k and 256k). You could get a PIII-S 1.4GHz as well, since it's the same core as the other Tualatins.

Of course you could save some money and get a Tualatin Celeron 1.1GHz and overclock it to 1466MHz. The overclock gets rid of the Tualatin Celeron's biggest handicap (bus speed).

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