Pentium vs Athlon 64


Apr 15, 2004
I am looking for one more Processor. I trying to decide between the Pentium 4 and the Athlon 64.

On the pentium 4 I find two excellent performers on the P4 3200 and the P4 3400 but I wonder if Intel has solved the overheating problem.

ON the Athlon 64 side I found the Athlon 64 3700 and the Athlon 64 3400 (can not go any higher due to money restrictions)which seem to be great cpu's and what makes them worth is the future when I see the upcoming Windows 64 bit.

However I do not know if there is allready large variety of Software compatible with 64 bit technology....maybe U guys can shed some light on that.

Which is a better deal?


I own a Prescott 3200 and they do run hot.

I would suggest an Athlon 939 pin board for future upgradebility.
It will cost less money, and give better performace then a P4, and will run Windows 64bit if you wish later.

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The A64s are backwords compatable with all x86 32bit software, so yes there is a very large variety of software that is compatable.
Anandtech has done benchmarks that show some 32 bit progs run faster when the A64s are in long mode.


Jun 25, 2004
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