Question Performance issue after bios upgrade

Jul 14, 2019
Hi all

I have a problem with my cpu the clock is at 0.5ghz and my computer is slow and freezing aswell as the mouse is moving on its own. I recently did a bios update on my b450 tomahawk,When I bought my mb about 3 weeks ago I didn’t like the black and white bios features so i flashbacked to 7C02v17 the red bios where I preferred it. I decided to update my bios to 7C02v1C1(Beta version) and in not sure if that caused the problem? but I flashbacked to 7C02v17 and the problem is still there.

I did a fresh installation of windows and still the same. I don’t have anything on my pc as I only use it for gaming mostly so no large programs just iTunes steam and Uplay. Windows is installed on an SSD and the games on an external HDD.

I did a userbenchmark test. And it showed my cpu was at 3% and all my components were below 40% my Gpu wasn’t even detected in the test.

My build is new only did it in January so the components are still new. There’s also no dust or dirt in my case so that’s not causing an issue. The temperatures on my cpu seem normal no high readings but I don’t no what I can do?

Any help would be great