Question Performance Issues with new Pre-built PC

Apr 13, 2019

Firstly, I hope this is the right place to post this? First time posting on Tom's Hardware, so apologies if this is in the wrong section!

Secondly, this is not a problem I have personally, but I am attempting to help an online friend who struggles with solving computer related issues (they just want it to work). This means I've not confirmed the issues myself, and will need to confirm things with them through text.

Recently, this person bought a PC with the following components:
  • Intel Core i9-9900K (3.6GHz, 16MB Cache, 16x Threads, 5.0GHz Turbo)
  • Corsair Hydro H115i AIO 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler
  • ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming Intel Motherboard
  • Corsair HX Series 80 Plus Platinum Certified HX1000 1000W Power Supply
  • Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32bg (16gbx2) 32000MHz DDR4 Memory
  • Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB M.2 PCI-e Gen 3.0 x 4, NVMe 1.3 Solid State Drive (two of these)
..and , I believe they are running Windows 10.

Finally, they also have a UPS plugged into the PC.

Upon installing Steam and downloading a few games, they encountered some performance issues.

The most notable issues reported to me are:

Dota 2 - dropped frames, described as "everything moves in slow motion for a few seconds, then quickly catches up". Dota 2's fps counter is not affected during this time, and still lists the fps as 120. This is accompanied by an increased noise from the PC.

DOOM (2016) - Loss of quality at max settings, loss of detailing in distance, "feels sluggish".

PUBG - Performance is fine, but PC emits a very loud noise while running the game, and emits high heat from the vents.

I'm not skilled in PC repair and detective work, but we did confirm that nothing was clogging CPU or RAM usage, and the network wasn't being chocked by some other process (they have a 1000mb/s Fibre line). I also confirmed no video capture software was running or enabled.

I'm aware that the RTX 2080 Ti apparently has issues, with a certain amount of them dying / catching on fire, and otherwise being problematic - but I've no idea how to confirm whether it's the GPU that's the cause, or even one of these faulty variants.

Any assistance would be appreciated!

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Honestly, if this is a prebuilt and your friend isn't skilled with these matters, contacting the builder about these problems is far better than trying to diagnose a PC third-hand. The warranty is literally there for this reason.