Performance Memory, 1600 or 2400


Feb 22, 2013
Okay so.. I've read several other threads on this and all are rather basic in their answers or specific to the users build, or are old enough i can find faster latencies, etc.

Anyway. Here's my final build.

And here are my two choices for ram. Thankfully both are red, so they kinda go with the whole setup.

2x4gb ddr3-1600 7-8-8-24 @1.5v for 75$
(I know newegg has it as discontinued. i can still find it elsewhere.)


2x4gb ddr3-2400 9-11-11-31 @ 1.65v, comes with 'memory fan' for 95$, less then 20% more then the other option.

So, I've been reading and have heard that 1600 vs. 2400 ram there is a negligible, if any, performance increase when it comes to gaming. But, again, that was with different timings, every answer I found. Yes, the timings go up, but they are still both lower then what every thread i read referenced, at least at their respective speeds.

I will be gaming (obviously) But also throwing a few benchmarks, a few buddies and I are kinda seeing who can pull what off right now.. this one guy has money to throw around and I just want to be able to knock him down a few pegs. Anyway.

With what I intend to do, at those timings, on that system, with the cost being only 20% more, and a bonus memory fan cooler thing (Can't complain about more airflow, really. Don't mind if it blocks seeing the ram modules clearly.) I feel like that it's worth it (and still under 100$).

Now in regards to overclocking. I feel comfortable messing with timings and voltage and such. That being said, is there any better alternatives then these two that can perform at the same speeds, latencies, and voltages (or better) when clocked properly?

Also.. The 2400 is compatible with my motherboard, but it has that (O.C.) tag next to it. I assume that involves raising the FSB some? From what I've read about the board, the BIOS will actually tweak that for me pretty much automagically.

Appreciate any help!