Performance of and A6 processor

Oct 13, 2018
I am using apu A6 9220 processor.
Is it suitable for auto cad and CATIA softwares.
How it will perform if I install these softwares?
Or should I go for i3 processor?


I'm assuming you're on a laptop of sorts, if so, you should be able to work off the software's you've mentioned but in terms of rendering ability, an APU would be beaten by an Intel powered+discrete mobile GPU laptop. If you're not going to tax the APU too much, you can work off of it without much hassle. On a side note, not everyone/every firm woks the same way nor do they tax a system the same way...which is why I'd suggest that you try the software out on your system.

Speaking of which, what sort of work would you do with CAD? You can try and shift towards Google's Sketchup.

Peter Martin,
That's the same as saying, Google it. Might want to refrain from posting like that.
I am genuinely interested to see if it could actually handle it because I have an a6 but not the software and I was curious. I figured the I three could beat it but I wasn’t sure because I’ve never had one

Was hoping OP could try if interested


In this case I'm inclined to agree with Peter; to know whether or not something works, or how well it works, is a useful data point. OP, if you have this laptop already, I don't see how it would hurt to try it. If you don't have it, or have a very narrow window in which to return it and/or choose something else, then I suspect, as Lutfij suggests, there may be a better choice (Intel CPU + discrete mobile GPU). Of course, your budget makes a big difference too, and AMD APUs have, as far as I know, demonstrated an almost overwhelming superiority to Intel's integrated solutions on graphics-dependent tasks, even though the CPU portions are considerably slower.