If you are interested in synthetics, I would recommend crystalmark. The FPU and ALU tests are rather good. But they do have one flaw: they will only use up to 4 CPU cores during testing. My friend's core i7 980X performed like a 4-core at the same speeds and what I have seen of the phenom IIx6, crystalmark benches it like a phenom IIx4.

The other tests are pretty good but the 3d graphics test is not very good.
There are enough websites with reviews and comparisons (both sysnthetic and real world) for you to get an idea on how your current hardware compares with the latest.. What is your agenda behind running the tests??



It's an E8500, it will perform the same as other E8500's. Your cpu isn't slower because it's 2 years old, if your computer feels slower than it use to it's because windows gets bogged down and becomes slow, not the hard ware. You can go buy a brand new E8500 to replace your current, and your system will perform 100% identical to how it performs now.

The only way your CPU would be running slower would be if its frequency were reduced (which you can check with CPUz). The only reason for this would be if your computer were filled with dust, and overheating all the time. As long as this isn't the case, your CPU is performing identically to how it has always performed.


Apr 9, 2010
well my system is not slower , am just checking everything because i am
getting a fermi card soon and i dont want to buy it if it will get bottle necked .

actually i used the older version of pass mark for 64 bit which is free and according to this chart


i scored 2668.7 lol which is more than the e8600 scored .

well i know its not the latest version of pass mark but at least it gave me
an indication that all systems go . thanks