Question Perhaps a fried GPU

Feb 20, 2021
I recently got a computer handed down to me. I’ve been gaming on it for over 3 months now and had no issues. Recently, I decided that I would move it to a different country because I was very pleased with the performance. To see if it would fit in a suitcase, I disassembled the PC completely. Took out all the components except for the cooler from the motherboard amd unplugged all the wires. Looked at it to see whether it would fit, said ok amd put it all back together the same way as I assembled. I accidentally did not push in the pcie power connector all the way into the graphics card (960) amd powered it on. I heard a little sparking sound amd mothimg powered on including fans etc. It wasn’t a very large sound it was like one of the sounds that the pc usually makes when it boots was cut short. I pushed the pcie further in amd then tried again. Same sound, same result. I think I may have plugged something in wrong because I have a lot of cables on the pc which are mot connected to anything. I plugged in all the main components but there are still a few hamgimg cables. Below is a mediafire link of the startup sounds amd the hamgimg cables as well as all the connections around the board which I think are important.

My question is whether the GPU shorted, something that should be plugged in isn’t or whether it is something else that is making the pc fail to boot. I also think that I’ve had the gpu disconnected from the motherboard slot before but plugged into the pcie power supply cable accidentally amd it did mot cause any damage. My computer just booted using the motherboard intel graphics drive amd it was fine.
I use this computer for everything amd it is very important to me in online classes amd such so I would really appreciate a helping hand.
If there is anything I can further help you with like more pictures or additional info please feel free to ask.
Thank you.



"To see if it would fit in a suitcase, I disassembled the PC completely. Took out all the components except for the cooler from the motherboard amd unplugged all the wires".

What computer case are you using? If the components are in the computer case then all that needed to be done is to determine if the computer case would fit in the suitcase.

Taking the components out of the computer case would probably just mean that even more space would be needed....

Or am I missing something? E.g., some customs inspection.....?


You may indeed have shorted something out and possibly to the point of being unrepairable.

Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Go online to the motherboard manufacturer's website and find the applicable motherboard User Guide/Manual.

Do the same for all other installed components.

Read all the documentation and go step-by-careful-step to reassemble the build.

[Note: the image of the Deep Cool fan shows a full load of dust. A good cleaning is also recommended.]

However, there are no guarantees that the system will again successfully boot.

Give reassembly a try and pay close attention to any beep codes or error LED displays.

Ensure that you back up any important data on the disk drive(s).