Question Periodic FPS Drops/freezing in multiple games

Sep 29, 2019
The day before yesterday my games have started periodically freezing for a couple of seconds and the frames dropping to 0-14 before continuing as normal.

It seems to happen after 3-5 minutes of playing and re-occurs at a similar pace. I didn't install/update anything that I'm aware of running in the background.

I have the most recent version of Windows 10 (updated afterward to see if that fixed it) & Nvidia Drivers. Also done a Spybot scan, RKill, Malware, and Adware Cleaner.

Specs: Intel 4790k, 16Gb Ram, 2060 Super, running games off an SSD.

I realise I'm CPU bottlenecked with these specs and the game settings are set to accommodate that (games I've tested and got the same results are Monster Hunter World, Euro Truck Sim 2 & Dark Souls 2).

I ran a stress test using CPU-Z and CPU temps remained at 46C.

Finally, I am running a task schedule to clear ram cache as that was causing micro stutters after a windows update a few weeks ago, I checked and the timing of the freezes doesn't line up with the cache clearing.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help.


I've tried uninstalling my GPU drivers. Like when I upgrade my GPU, I had to install the new drivers offline because windows updates the drivers manually (despite disabling the driver auto-updates) causing the driver install to fail.

I can play games OFFLINE with zero issues, however when I'm playing online (Wifi) I'm getting the same freezing issues (with windows updates disabled, metered wifi connection). I used Euro Truck to test this as the game I'm playing is offline/single player to rule out it being a drop in the actual connection.

Tried change the wifi adapter (no change) and resetting the router (no change). Hoped the adapter would have been the answer, again one of the games isn't online but still has the freezing so doubted it was purely down to losing connection.
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