Question Periodic ping spikes ?


Mar 9, 2020
hi so ive had this internet for almost 6 years and this last 6 months its been a pain in the bum so my problem is that every 5 minutes theres 1 minute of severe spikes in my ping and ive been trying to fix it but i couldnt find anything. my problem started from the day that they started building an apartment in the direction of my isps radio there was a big yellow crane in the way so my isp said that the crane is causing problems but now that the construction is done you would expect my internet to be fixed right ? but no, nothing has changed.

Exactly every 5 minutes i have about 1'20" of ping spikes i ping my isps ip from my mikrotik so theres no excuse for them, the they made me change my access point and lan cables twice idk why this spikes are in order and periodic so i suspected that maybe theres something wrong with my mikrotik. ill attach files of before and after the spikes happen one of them is pinging my isps ip and the other one is a pings graph of a close server that i use i would appreciate any help from anyone who knows anything about these stuff. TIA
What is the model of the mikrotik device. They make a few devices, some like their LTE models are very good but they make simple Wifi ones also.

If your ISP is cheap they use the simple wifi ones. These have all the same problems as your home wifi, the main one being interference between your own device but in the case it is the different ISP customers. The fancier systems have method of controlling when other device transmit.

Now this could also be some software on your machine or some setting. Can you test on a different machine to see if the ping spikes occur on both. Maybe boot a USB linux image on your machine to eliminate software or window os as the issue.

Are you connecting your pc via wifi or via a ethernet cable. Could you plug directly into the cable likely going to the POE device.