Question Peripherals Not Turning on on Boot

Mar 3, 2020
Hello, I have had my PC for around 3-4 years.

Specs ( not exact):

i7-7700k 4-core
Gtx 1080ti (MSI)
1tb SSD
Asus Strix MOtherboard
32 Gigs of ram

After opening up my PC and taking the GPU and both rams sticks out, for cleaning, and putting them back in, on boot-up my monitor won't connect to my machine and my mouse won't light up. My monitor stays black and says no connection. My gpu's LEDs still turn on and my motherboards built-in RGB lights still illuminate. I also took my storage out and clean it a little then put it back. I had some issues taking out my GPU as it was stuck on the clip but eventually got it out, and in. My ram stick took a bit of force getting it back in. Perhaps I put it facing the wrong way. Also when cleaning my gpu I wore a static protection bracelet and put it on a static proof mat. However, the floor was carpetAnyone have any suggestions on what to do or what is causing this problem? PS. I am not too software savy, so if you tell me to do something pls explain. Thank you in advance for reading this.
  1. First clear the CMOS.
  2. Double check the RAM sticks are pushed all the way down in their slots, at both ends.
  3. If it still does not start boot with only one stick or RAM.
  4. Remove the graphics card and boot using the onboard graphics.
  5. Boot with the SSD disconnected to see if you can get into the BIOS.