Permission troubles!



Hi everyone i've searched for this in the forums but I havent seen anything that really deals with this..

I just got windows vista.. and it's been installed to what used to be drive G.. but since I installed it fresh.. it's on its own partition and now G is C:

Still with me? :p

Right well my OLD c: is now drive D under the vista install.. and I'm okay with that.. BUT - I want to transfer my old files from my old C: to my new C: so is there anyway of being able to do this? because whenever I do try to do it.. and take control of a folder.. I dont seem to be getting anywhere? so is there just one big way of me taking an older drive.. that has a windows xp installation on it ( and I cant get into there because it just BSOD's on me.. )

any help would be appriciated !

I just wanna transfer most of my documents and my pictures a couple of program file directories.. and the contents of my old win xp desktop

once thats done.. I can just format my old C and then use that as the proper vista directory lol.. crazy anyway.. help pls! :D :bounce: :D