Question Permissions Issues with an ex-boot drive

Oct 23, 2019
So a short while ago I decided to build a new PC. My old PC ran off of a 2TB HDD. The new PC runs off of a 128GB SSD with the old 2TB HDD used for storage. I use my PC mostly for gaming, so the larger drive is very much necessary.

Since I had a lot of stuff on the older drive, I did not format her once installed into the new PC. This PC has only one user, me, so I went into security and manually took ownership of the drive and the files therein.

However when I try to change or remove certain files in this older drive it tells me that I don't have permission to do so. Some things I can change and delete fine, but for things like the old Program Files or Windows folders, I will tell something to delete, and it will ask for admin verification, so I click continue. Then it goes through and finds all the files to recycle, and then it tells me it needs permission from myself to do this, and will only give me the option to try again or cancel.

Like it literally says I need permission from the user account I'm signed in on. I'm not sure how much more permission I can grant it in that case. It certainly doesn't give me the option to grant this permission. Just tells me I need it and cancels.

I've changed the owner of the whole drive multiple times now, between my user, Administrators, Users, Everyone. It seems to want permission from the owner to do what I want to do, regardless of the fact that it's literally me in all cases.

In terms of more mundane permissions, I've set and reset them multiple times as well. My user, admins, SYSTEM, Users, and Everyone, all have full control of all files, folders, and subfolders. Still nothing doing.

This issue came to light when trying to change my default application install folder through settings and getting a permission denied error code. I believe the presence of an older Program Files that I inexplicably don't have full access to is confusing it.

Any help would be appreciate.