Question Persistent boot light after upgrading to Ryzen 5800 ?

Jun 17, 2021
Ryzen 5800

Gigabyte 2070S

16 gigs ripjaw 3600

Asus Tuf gaming plus wifi (bios version 3603)

Samsung 970 evo plus 1tb

I had no problems back when I had my ryzen 3600. However, after I upgraded to the 5800, about once a week the pc will fail to post and will turn on the boot light. The easiest remedy has been to connect the clrtc pins and reset the settings in bios.

The changes I've made are enabled docp, cpu ratio at 48.00 and CPU voltage at 1.3625. After connecting the pins I get a vga and boot light along with a screen saying the following:

"The VGA card is not supported by UEFI driver. CSM (Compatibility Support Module) settings have been changed for better compatibility"

My friend who helped my build my pc told my to turn off csm but it's already off. He doesn't have much more advice for me so I figured I'd reach out here. My next course of action might be to do a fresh install of windows 10. Annoying as I did that about 6 months ago.

Also, the amd chipset driver is updated to the most recent version.