Question Persistent computer problem

Feb 24, 2021
Hello, I am an idiot. I've been having a persistent problem with my computer for probably a year now. I thought I fixed it a few months ago but now I either have a new problem or the original one has gotten worse.

Way back probably almost a year ago my computer first blue screened. I assumed it was due to new hardware, I had swapped out graphics cards that week, my old ones were 2 firepro W5000 in crossfire and the new was a GeForce GTX 750 ti. This change was only meant to be temporary for gaming since a certain game refused to just allow me to use my workstation cards. After the first blue screen I decided to update Windows after 3 or so years of putting it off, my graphics drivers were also up to date. This solved nothing. The blue screens usually happened shortly after I logged in and after a restart wouldn't bother me again. I made do and just kinda put up with it. I was still assuming it was just a faulty graphics card. Months went by and it very slowly got worse so I finally put my old cards back in. There were no blue screens for a week.

The situation rapidly deteriorated resulting in constant blue screens and after about a month of me making no actual attempt at finding the true source of the problem I had a new issue. On start up I got the boot screen along with Windows saying my operating drive was in need of repairs, which it was unable to do because it would crash before completing them. Upon further investigation, my board was no longer recognizing my M2 drive, which was my operating drive. It's a 240gb HyperX Predator. It happened some time ago but if I remember correctly I was able to successfully get it to work a few more times before the drive was no longer found on every start up. I left it alone for another month and switched to using a laptop, but with college starting I decided to attempt to fix it by getting a new m2 drive and copy of windows. After swapping in the new hardware and getting windows on it, I started it up and blue screened once more. I restarted and had no problems. Reconnected all my other drives and got most my software back on it and I've been having no problems, until today.

It had been working fine for about a month but now a new issue is here. I started my computer and the first thing I noticed was it took longer to start before giving me this screen

As expected, I'm getting an error trying to attach an image through imgur and can't figure out how so here's the link View:

and here's the shortened text
"All settings were reset to default values.
The previous overclock settings have failed, system has been restored
Press F1 to run setup.
Press F2 to load default values and continue.
Press DEL and wait for 5 seconds to enter BIOS setup or press F1/F2
Press ALT+F1 to load OverClocking Profile 1 values and continue
Name : 2014/01/01 00:08:28
Press ALT+F2 to load 0verclocking Profile 2 values and continue
Name 2014/01/01 00:16:06
Press ALT+F3 to load 0verclocking Profile 3 values and continue
Name : 2017/10/23 15:52:58
Press ALT+L to load Last known good configuration values and continue"

To my knowledge I was not overclocked. I can get into bios and when I check my board, my m2 is no longer found. At this point I assume it's either the motherboard or the ram failing me.

My hardware:
MSI X99S XPower AC
Generic 1tb m2 drive from best buy, sorry I don't have more info on it at the moment
4x8gb Adata DDR4 ram
2 firepro W5000 in crossfire

I have no idea what to do other than attempt swapping out more hardware. I would have posted here months ago but I really thought the new drive had fixed it
Feb 24, 2021
Removed the M2 and a gpu but I am unable to get by the screen I posted in the first post. I don't think there's any overclocked settings currently on it but I could try lowering some settings
remove power from your PSU entirely, pull the BIOS battery for 10 minutes, hold down power switch several seconds a few times, replace BIOS battery, reconnect power, see if you can enter your BIOS and select factory defaults...