Question Persistent Resets After Waking PC from Sleep


Apr 8, 2017
Hey! I have recently noticed an issue with my PC. Whenever I put my PC to sleep (manual sleep or after time set by my power plan) and then wake it up (at any time, after a while or instantly) the computer appears to wake up normal, I am able to log in and get to my desktop. Shortly after, (whether I log in or not) I hear a Windows "disconnect" noise. I also recently noticed that my DRAM LED on my motherboard lights up when the computer is woken back up.

To get to the bottom of the disconnect noises, I downloaded USBLogView, which logs two disconnects. A very short bit after the second disconnect, my PC resets. No BSOD, nothing. Screen goes black and next thing I know the Gigabyte logo shows up and I'm rebooting.

Strangely, I've noticed my motherboard seems to cycle to my other BIOS each time this happens. As there is no switch, the second BIOS is toggled automatically, and it keeps flipping between the two every time this crash occurs.

Some things to note:
- I have installed the latest chipset drivers.
- I have tried the latest Radeon drivers and some old ones.
- I have tried the latest (F50) and a somewhat older version (F32) of my BIOS, the issue occurs on both.
- I have made sure my Bluetooth/WiFi device drivers are up to date.
- I have tried a clean boot (you cannot use safe mode, as sleep is unavailable there)
- I've tried all the usual hardware fixes (CMOS reset, RAM reseating, GPU reseating, etc.)
- I am currently using a different RAM stick than my normal ones, the issue still occurs. I tried just one, in different slots, etc.
- As far as I know, this issue only occurs when waking from sleep.
- I have tried a Windows reinstall (running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.)
- Tried BIOS defaults, and playing with other settings, nothing

There's definitely more things I've done that are just escaping me at this point, but I'm at a loss otherwise.
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