Persistent Static Noise (Possible earthing issue)


Mar 5, 2010
Hi All,

I recently purchased a new computer and have had a problem with the sound from day 1. When playing a game (protoype, farcry 2, etc..) there is a persistent static noise or high pitch whine, which i think is related to how much graphic rendering is taking place.

I've tried moving the sound and video cards to different slots and also moved some power cables around, but nothing has made a difference.

I believe this is an earthing issue because i can hear the noise in every audio plug i try (even with onboard disabled in bios). Interesting enough, i can also hear it if i plug the sound into my mp3 player and have the usb plugged into it at the same time.

Not software related as the same behaviour occurs on linux and windows 7.

Asus P6T motherboard
core i7 920
nvidia gtx975
asus xonar dx
6gb ram
corsair hx620 psu

Earth ground - (USA) third AC wire (green) to computer PSU -> Computer Case, MB Ground and Tied to all DC Returns (ie Black DC wires).

Need to verify that your Ground at the wall outlet is indeed tied to earth ground.
Have you tried the computer using different wall outlets? Take it to a friends house and try.

You didn't specify how long you have had the system If less than 30 days and If neither of the above corrects it, I'd return the system rather than mess with it.

You are not using any non polorized "Bricks" (Little power packs that plug in to the AC. If you have any Non porized bricks try reveasing the way they plug into the AC.