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Question Personal Build PSU Selection


Time to replace the old workhorse, and I'm in the spec-ing components stage of the game, now.

I've never used Corsair branded PSUs, but saw this one which will meet my needs for this new build.

Can anyone offer some direct experience with the specific unit I'm considering, as well as the comparative reliability of the Corsair PSU line of power products in general?
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I'd make sure you need all that power!

There's a wide variety of Corsair PSUs. The highest end AXi PSUs are made by SeaSonic and Flextronics. The latter's not as well known outside of the enthusiast community because they make relatively few PSUs, mostly focusing on the extreme high-end and server markets.

The HX and AX series are also very good, but with less software control and monitoring. The RMx and TXM are kind of the mainstream good-quality PSUs, generally on solid CWT platforms. The newer CX series is their budget series, adequate PSUs until the point you have a lot of money invested into the PC; these are mostly CWT and Great Wall. And lastly, there's the VS series, which is their very entry-level PSU, which is targeted mainly at third-world countries with lower incomes and for PCs with very light loads (I wouldn't use on outside of these conditions). There's also various miscellaneous PSUs floating around, like the newer Corsair Vengeance, random CS series PSUs of varying quality, etc.


I generally spec my PSUs for the peak of the efficiency curve. That particular unit peaks at 50% of specified output load, which will be perfect for my needs...and it usually makes for a long, trouble-free service life.

Corsair has a generally good reputation for standing behind other segments of their product line; but, I've never used them for PSUs, which occasioned my inquiry.

I figured that, if there were horror stories to be told, or notable disappointment with that particular model, somebody here would have something to say about it.