Personal Info Of 15 Million T-Mobile Customers Stolen In Experian Data Breach

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Just pass a law requiring these companies and credit bureaus to provide free credit monitoring and protection services for a lifetime if they lose your data, and you'll them start to take securing that data seriously.

Actually, it's high time we dropped the single cleartext ID (social security number), and went with some sort of private/public key system. The credit agencies could just assign you a private key they keep for themselves, and send you the public key. You give that public key to any bank or credit card company you wish to open an account with. If the public key ever gets compromised, just have the credit agency issue you a new private key.


Dec 13, 2011
I am with T-Mobile, let me know when class action law suit starts
You want the $2.50 that you will receive now or later?

$2.50 cannot even buy a gallon of gas or pay a single fare for MTA public transportation here in NYC, not even a bridge toll. If I were a Tmobile customer I would just ask for a free month of something

Class action is a payday for lawyers, not for you.


Oct 2, 2015
Isn't it nice that the company that was breached (Experian) is also providing the free credit monitoring?


Companies that store personal information that can be used by identity thieves should be required to use the strongest encryption available. All executives of companies that don't follow these standards should be publicly flogged if a data breach occurs.

Beyond that as detailed credit reports are so vital, the credit bureaus should be required to provide a detailed score on demand for free to the consumer. There should be one score the company provides not a separate mortgage score as the report you can buy now is useless as it does not give you your mortgage score. You have no way to find this score unless you apply for a mortgage loan. They should also be required to list how many points each line item affects your score and publish how they determine scores so consumers can work directly to improve their score. If a consumer wants to fight an item it should be temporarily removed from the score and report until they are proven wrong. The company reporting the negative item must then provide strong evidence that the consumer is at fault.

If these companies are storing this information and using it to directly affect our financial lives. We should at least be allowed to see this stuff. It's not like letting us see our scores costs any more. It's already processed and stored automatically on their servers. Let the credit card companies, banks and other lenders pay the fees.
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