Question Personal Opinions on 2060 vs 5600xt?


Feb 26, 2018
I want to upgrade my MSI rx 480 8gb to something more relevant. I play AAA games at 1080p with a 144hz monitor. I have used AMD on mostly all of my builds, but I really am a little unsettled about the recent driver and instability issues of recent products, bios flashing a GFX card to make it run better sometimes? I'm looking for honest opinions from other who have thought, or went through similar comparisons while buying a new card. Reason I'm not going higher with GPU's is due to my specs listed below and possible bottle necking. I have a 1660 TI in my laptop and I was just blown away with how good and smooth my games felt. So it's time to catch up my desktop. Are any others happy with choosing the 2060 over an AMD alternate? What were your thoughts while buying your cards? Why did you choose what you did?

Current build:
Asus prime x370
Ryzen 1700 (oc'd to 3.5ghz)
Corsair Veng Ram set to 3000mhz.
MSI rx480 8gb gaming edition
1000w PSU
MSI 144hz monitor at 1080p


I stuck with ATI (now AMD) for the better part of a decade due to a bad experience with Nvidia long ago. From the 9700Pro to the HD7970GHz. I then switched to a 980Ti. Mainly because I tend to buy the top end GPU once every couple of years and AMD had nothing comparable at the time. Its now a 1080, long story short on fan on the 980Ti was failing and Asus sent me a 1080 to replace it, and when I look now I think about the 2080 more than the top end AMD GPU. It may change when the time comes and I get a new one but so far AMD hasn't made me think about purchasing their GPUs over Nvidia.

I look at performance, power and temps and take it all in and decide.

Based on reviews the 2060 and 5600 XT are very close to each other with the 5600 XT OC coming in ahead of the 2060 by a small amount. However thats compared to a stock 2060. I am sure the OC 2060 will trade blows with the 5600 XT.

I will say Nvidias drivers do seem to be more stable than AMDs at least at current but it could change.

Honestly either way you go you will have a good card, although the 2060 does have one advantage which is the Tensor Cores for RayTracing.