[SOLVED] pesky virus/rootkit/software problem


Feb 17, 2017
ok, so I've had this problem with my old computer:
My old computer started being really slow, so I suspected that I had virus. Simple tasks, such as opening file browser, editing and gaming were about 20% slower than before and there were always 3 instances of COM SURROGATE running. I didn't have full control over my computer, everything was owned by 'Trusted installer'.
I reinstalled Windows 10 four times but the problems kept persisting with each install.

Fast forward, I got a new computer with greatly superior specs and everything was smooth sailing again.
That is, until I plugged in my old hard drives for ~20 minutes, just looking at some old files. After I used my computer without the HDDs, I started experiencing the same problems on my new computer: Everything I did has a slight delay now.

I brought my old PC to a local PC repair shop and they said there was nothing wrong with it.
I've got no idea what it could be, a virus, rootkit or maybe my superstition.

I would greatly appreciate some input on the possibilities of the situation.

Thank you for your time.