Question PG279Q Weird HDMI Glitch...

Jun 24, 2021
Hello all,

I have an ASUS PG279Q monitor with display port to my PC and HDMI to my work laptop. I interchange between the two depending on if I am working or not.

Last Friday, I returned my laptop as I found a new job, and this was the last time I used the HDMI function. On Monday, I connected the HDMI from the PG279Q to my new work laptop, and my screen now says No Signal Detected. I can see the screen information in the display properties in Windows 10, the screen even shifts the opened windows around, from the laptop to the PG279Q, but I just see No signal on my screen with a black screen afterwards. I can move the mouse around but I won't be able to see it. My laptops will detect it and I can rearrange the two screens in the display properties.

At first I thought it was the laptop, but I tried my girlfriend's laptop and my personal laptop, and it still says HDMI no signal. I then tried a brand new cable, and this was still the case with all of the laptops.

I was going to warranty repair my monitor, but then I removed the display port to my PC and connected the HDMI cable from my screen to my PC and I can see the screen just fine, on HDMI.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong or if my HDMI is somehow locked to my old work laptop and my PC..

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If it helps, I also have a second screen connected (Dell 32 INCH), and I tried the HDMI cable from the different laptops to this screen, and I can see the extended displays just fine, for all laptops. But when I connect my HDMI from my laptop to my PG279Q, it won't work. It will only work for my PC screen.

All my drivers are updated. I am on the latest Windows 10. I did a factory reset but still not working.

Windows 10
Screen: PG279Q
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