Jul 23, 2014
Okay so I'm needing some opinions on what I should do. Currently I have a PG279Q with some slight visual defects and need another monitor as my main. I'll still be using the PG279Q monitor as a secondary for productivity as I work from home 8 hours a day. The new one will be used as my main for working and gaming on off time. I'm considering the PG279QM and the AW3423DW. I know these are completely different, but am just looking for your opinions.

I have a 3080 Ti FTW3 (purchased a few months ago when my 1080 Ti failed), and have stayed away from 4k for example because I don't want to be constantly upgrading my GPU and want most games to run at higher refresh rates anyways for the next few years. Don't want to really approach 60fps in games if I can help it.

Although I am a visual nut and still haven't experienced Ultrawide, Curved or HDR etc so I know I'm missing out BUT haven't really experienced what I am missing out on yet. I work from home like I said and dual monitor would be pretty useful right now for the extra screen real estate. I'm not sure if burn in or curved would be an issue for working from home either.

I've also heard of bubble wrap seepage issues due to shipping issues on the AW3423DW, but I don't know if that has been dealt with.

So given the two options and what I'm wanting - what would you guys choose?


but I don't know if that has been dealt with
That's where RMA's come in.

I'd pick either one, honestly. You might be served well by getting the Asus and maintaining an all Asus panel layout. The issue I see with curved panels is that the secondary panel to the right or left which will be used for productivity will need to start where the edge of the curve ends, meaning that your panels will continue off to the edge. Now, whether you see the secondary panel in portrait or landscape mode, the panel would be too far off and prone to being hit by a trailing arm, cable or even a toddler, not to mention the space needed to accommodate the panels on your desk/or in your room(if you want to wall mount). If the panels were flat, you use less space.


Nov 21, 2016
WOW!, OP you asked the exact question I came here to ask. Glad I'm not the only one with this conundrum. It's hard to find any advice on upgrading from my Asus 165hz PG279QZ since it's still a great monitor. My secondary, a Dell 144hz is dying so I thought it could be a good time to get a new main and use the PG279QZ as my secondary.

After scouring the web I couldn't find any recommendations for upgrading from my PG279QZ. After looking at many reviews I ended up considering the PG279QM, AW3423DW, or the Asus PG27AQN 360Hz.

My number one want is I can't STAND ghosting/motion blur and while LCDs have practically eliminated it, it's still there. I'm under the impression any of the above monitors would be an improvement but how much...? The PG27AQN is roughly $300 more than the PG279QM but the AW3423DW would be an increase in size. I've been using 27"s forever and have been happy with it. So I'm on the fence on moving to a bigger screen and the fact its curved.

Second, if I'm spending that kind of cash I'd like and overall improved gaming experience and some future proofing.
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Nov 21, 2016
I've made my decision. Optimum Tech posted a video review on the Asus PG27AQN 360Hz 1440p monitor yesterday.

Key review points that influenced my decision
  • It was a nice bump in performance (less ghosting/motion blur) than the PG279QM 240Hz. I'm going from a PG279QZ 165hz
  • Best overall gaming monitor right now
  • Has a 25inch "mode" at 2368x1332 (360hz) for FPSers
  • I should be able to run games fine with my RTX 3070 gpu.
Optimum Tech Asus PG278AQN Review