PG27UQ vs PG35VQ?

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Mar 4, 2020
I really don’t know which one to choose. Because they’re both godly monitor and if you say 27 inch is too small I don’t really care because I use scaling and I don’t really use lots of apps. So other things people said is that I can’t run 4K at 144fps and I agree with them but I have 2080 ti and even if I don’t get lots of frame I set some useless graphic settings to low. To be honest I do lots of things with my monitor(except productivity) But I watch youtube videos I watch cinematic film and even tv series and my main point is gaming. I know pg27uq have better colors and better resolution and in other hand pg35vq have more immersive experience. Now the simple question is: is it worth it I give extra 500$ for pg35vq and lose some resolution and color range just for more immersive experience? With pg35vq TV shows and youtube videos get black bars too. So can somebody really give me advice to choose one of them.
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