Pga 370 to pga2 370 adapter


Oct 25, 2007
Im running two Pent III's Coppermine 1.0 ghz 370 pga 256kb 133mhz on a server board.

I bought two Pent III's Tualatins 1.4ghz, 370 pga2 512kb 133 mhz.

Ive been emailing Supermicro and they have been cool enough to responding re such an old board.

When I installed them fans go on, lights, but no video at all. I removed all cards except my video card. same

I removed all ram. Same

I installed just one processor per recommendation of Supermicro. Same.

So I need the adapter from pga to pga2? Powerleap used to sell them. I emailed them and they said search ebay. None there.

so questions:
1) Do I need the pga to pga2 adapter as I think I do?

2) where oh where can I find one. Found many sites advertising but none in stock.... : (


Voltage - mobo handles automatically

FSB - set to 133.

Dual Intel Pentium IIIE, 1000 MHz (7.5 x 133)
CPU Properties
CPU Type Dual Intel Pentium IIIE, 1000 MHz (7.5 x 133)
CPU Alias Coppermine, CuMine, A80526
CPU Stepping cC0
Original Clock 1000 MHz
L1 Code Cache 16 KB
L1 Data Cache 16 KB
L2 Cache 256 KB (On-Die, ATC, Full-Speed)

Multi CPU
Motherboard ID AMI CNB30LE
CPU #0 Intel, 999 MHz
CPU #1 Intel, 999 MHz (Stepping 0686h)

CPU Physical Info
Package Type 370 Pin FC-PGA
Package Size 4.95 cm x 4.95 cm
Transistors 28.1 million
Process Technology 6M, 0.18 um, CMOS
Die Size 95 mm2
Core Voltage 1.75 V
I/O Voltage 3.3 V
Typical Power 11 - 25 W (depending on clock speed)
Maximum Power 16.0 - 37.5 W (depending on clock speed)

CPU Manufacturer
Company Name Intel Corporation
Product Information

CPU Utilization
CPU #1 3 %
CPU #2 3 %

Link to my specs of what I have currently:

What I bought

> Motherboard Name
> Supermicro
> 370DL3/370DLE

> Motherboard Chipset
> ServerWorks
> NB6635 Champion LE

> System Memory

2048 MB

> BIOS Type
AMI (07/26/01)

NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 (256 MB)


Feb 24, 2006
You should also look for Lin-Lin socket 370 adapter. It is similar to the power leap adapter. I currently have two Lin-Lin adapters. One works, one not-so-much. You can also modify a Tualatin to work in an old board without an adapter. I've done it (twice) and it does work well, provided the motherboard is willing to cooperate with the newer CPU (I had a 1.26GHz P-IIIs that although properly modified and able to POST and enter bios, it would not properly boot up windows, as the bios just didn't know what to make of a Pentium III cpu with 512kb L2 cache).

Website for modding a Tualatin:

Info on Lin-Lin adapter:


Oct 25, 2007

I read that thread a couple of more times and it appears crashman is saying that a coppermine pga can be swapped with a coppermine pga2 so an adapter wouldnt be needed.

It also appears that the Tualatin cant be swapped with a coppermine (without an adapter).

If I read that right. So still hunting for adapters. I emailed those guys twice no response yet. : )


Oct 25, 2007

They responded. They said they only sell wholesale but didnt say if they stock them. I asked whether they do stock them so I can get a retailer to contact them.