Review Phanteks Eclipse P300A Review: Less is More

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Jan 12, 2015
I recently built my relative a PC with this case and having no experience with Phanteks I came away thoroughly impressed. This case looks great and is very easy to install with although i did add a second fan.

My only knock come from the PSU shroud not being removable but i am apparently in a small minority that does not mind seeing a PSU and cables.


I own the older version of this case, before they went with the mesh front. It's a beautiful case that is well laid out, has ample room for expansion if you want...the "stock" configuration will allow for 4 drives readily. It's got great cable management options. In it's stock configuration the only air intake were two small strips on either end of the front panel, with dust filters. It was terrible for builds with any level of power, particularly GPU. My only complaint as far as design is (was) that the front LED wiring runs right by the mounting lug for the front panel. While taking that off to clean it eventually snagged and broke that wire. It's replaceable, but I don't use the case lighting function any more.
I would point out that in my own experience the top fan mount location is only going to work with smaller radiators. The motherboard top edge and radiator or fan side are in conflict. The front mounting location is slightly oversized and big radiators will fit there.

The case had severe air flow and thus heat issues. They came out with the model reviewed above and the front panel is available as a separate part. I ordered that and instantly solved the aforementioned problems. Superb upgrade option for a good looking case.
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