Phanteks Enters The PSU Market

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TJ Hooker


Referring to the PH-P1200PS which has two motherboard power connectors? 1200W isn't really enough to power two mining rigs, as a typical mining rig has 6+ GPUs. Depending on which GPUs it has and what it's mining, it may require a 1200W supply just for 1 rig.


Oct 11, 2017
Personally, I don't see the point in entering the PSU market when all your doing is rebadging someone else's PSU. Makes shopping for a good PSU difficult as you sort through the hundreds of available lines to see what one of 4 manufacturers produced it and picking one from the 2 who do a good job.


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This has been the case for practically EVERY PSU brand since the beginning of consumer platforms. Nearly every PSU that is not branded as a Seasonic, Super Flower, FSP, Flextronics, Enermax (Not anymore though since they closed down their own facilities and farm out their own designs to be built elsewhere) or HEC, IS a rebranded power supply based either on somebody else's platform or built by somebody else based on a platform of their own design.

This is how it has always been, and how it will always be. It is nothing new and if nobody did this then pretty much the only power supplies we'd see on the market would be low quality units or those sold by the six names I listed above plus maybe at that point CWT might have to enter the market with their own brand of power supplies since they basically only exist to supply Corsair and others with designs to be re-branded.

Let's also not forget Delta, who partners with nearly every OEM PC manufacturer that Seasonic doesn't, and some that they do, but who also provides a good number of platforms for a wide variety of well known brand names as well.
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